Hints & Tips

When asking the majority of players what they are currently working on in their game they will most of the time reply "My Swing" when checked often we get so obsessed with our swing we forget to maintain our set up position.

Always spend time at the start of practice on the basics, the set up controls the swing and should never be the other way around!


Kevin's Top 3 set up checks


Before being disappointed with a shot off line always check you haven't aimed there; the danger for us all is we think we are aiming at a target but often not. For example, if you are aiming right of the flag you think you are on, you will have to swing the club offline with your body to get on target. This is something of a small detail, but can keep a golfers swings offline forever.

The aim is vitally important just 1 inch offline, 10 feet in front of you can be 50 yards offline 150 yards away. Use a club or tour stick little and often when you practice to maintain your aim.


Grip pressure

The biggest most common fault I come across in golfers of all levels is having too much grip pressure. This leads to the hands not working freely, the body movement having to compensate and has a huge effect on distance.

Check yours the next time you practice, on a scale of 1 to 10 if 1 were soft and 10 hard, grip at 3,3.5,4. The best way to relieve any tension is before each shot squeeze the club harder and then relax, this will take the pressure down resulting in a cleaner strike and more distance gained.


Body weight too far back

The golf club can be a long item and we find many players position their body weight at address in their heels. This adds to the shot often blocking or slicing, I think leaning back gives us the feeling this will be prevented, actually the opposite.

Try standing in your golf position and with your strong hand, throw a ball down the fairway, now repeat the throw with your body weight in your heels, then repeat with your body weight in your toes. You will see the effect on the ball direction. The body weight for us all should be in the balls of our feet, the check is that we can just flick our toes up in the end of our shoes.


Thank you for visiting the site; I wish you all a wonderful season.

Kevin Caplehorn