Golf Club Membership Fees

Below is a list of our Golf Club membership fees and categories.

Fees for non-Partner membership

Annual membership runs from the 1st May to 30th April each year

The 2022/23 membership rate is £690.00

Please contact the Course Manager Daniel Robinson for any enquires regarding membership.

Fees for Junior Membership/Student

Annual membership runs from the 1st May to 30th April each year.

The current junior membership rate is £175.00/ Student-£280

Junior / Student memberships are currently available, and will be calculated on a Pro-rata basis, so available year round.


Tel: 01264 811122     Mobile:   07860 719184     Email: [email protected]

If you require any further information about golf club membership fees or would like to view the courses please contact Daniel Robinson: 

Tel: 07860 719184   Email: [email protected]