Dress Code

The Leckford Golf Courses aim to provide a relaxed, friendly and sociable environment in which to play and enjoy golf.

Members, their guests and visitors are required to conform to the dress code outlined below:

On the course
  • Inline with the traditions of a private members club we do expect all golfers to wear a high standard of “golf clothing” when on the course.
  • Shorts should be tailored and of knee length
  • Golf shoes should be worn
  • No denim or denim looking clothing is acceptable
  • No football/rugby shirts etc
  • No tracksuits or shell suits
  • Collared shirts should be worn at all times


In the clubhouse

Members of Leckford are extremely proud of their new clubhouse and although we have no formal dress code for the clubhouse other than no spikes in the lounge, we do ask that people use their common sense and change any wet or muddy clothing before entering the lounge, so it remains a desirable place to unwind after a game.


Mobile phones

We ask that mobile phone use on the course is for emergency purposes only, phones may be used in the clubhouse and the car park but please be mindful of other members in close proximity.